Weekly Pinterest Favorites

Quote - This is perfect. How cute would this be at a wedding.

Hydrangea - My favorite flower. We had white and green hydrangeas at our wedding. I love how simple and calm they are.

Winter Scene - Perfect capturing of the winter spirit. Love the twinkle lights. They make everything prettier.

Packaging - Cute idea for a stocking stuffer or a place setting. Each person sits down to a surprise!

Shimmer - Need I say more? Fabulous!

Champagne - Such a fun idea. Serve these as the bridal party gets ready. Or at any celebratory event. And the presentation is so cute!

Holiday Packaging - I love the pop of color on the traditional holiday wrap. And they did this all with school supplies. My holiday paper is usually on the less traditional side with lots of jewel tones and sparkle. Festive and fun, but different.

Snowmen Treat - Easy seasonal treat that looks adorable too! Marshmallows on a stick, dipped in white chocolate and decorated! Perfect for the littles at a holiday gathering.

Sprinkles Cake - As much as the holidays are on the brain, so are birthdays. Our twins birthday is December 23. I am always on the hunt for special ways to make their day special in the midst of the holiday craze. I love this cake. Maybe one pink and one blue!

Happy Pinning!

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