Button Ornament

I already have holiday fever. Big time. I went straight from Halloween to all things Christmas in a heartbeat. I am so excited for the season! Having kids brings back the extra magic the holidays held when I was a child. This is my first official Christmas project of the year. I saw a picture of an ornament on Pinterest and I knew I wanted to make something similar. 

Disclaimer - this project is VERY simple, but it does take some time. Be patient and you will have a fabulous finished product to admire. 
I bought two packages of pearl push pins. I should have bought three. I ran out and had to use some extra pins I had in my craft closet.
I bought a variety of buttons at Michael's. You can do any color combination. I wanted mine as colorful and jewel toned as possible to go with my tree. And the Styrofoam ball. They had three different sizes options.
Lets get pinning! I did two buttons for every pin. A bigger one on the bottom with a smaller different colored button on top. And then you just pin away!
I tried to keep the buttons as close together as possible and sometimes I overlapped a few to cover up as much of the white ball as possible.
I also used tiny buttons to fill in any holes between buttons. You could paint you ball before you start to avoid while showing through also.
Ta Da! I love how it turned out. Festive, fun and colorful! Perfect combination.
I attached a polka dot ribbon and tied a bow. I adore polka dots. I used superglue under the ribbon to make sure it stayed in place.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Hi!

    Do you happen to know what size the styrofoam balls were?

    I too saw this idea on pinterest and upon searching for the size of the styrofoam ball I came across your blog.

    TIA :D

  2. Hi Miss Bubbles!

    I used a 4.5 inch styrofoam ball. Have fun with the buttons!

    The Navy Stripe

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I included a link to this gorgeous tutorial here: http://byelsieb.com/30-christmas-craft-activities-to-do-with-kids/. Keep up the good work!

  4. Very cute! My son loves buttons so I will have to try it with him!

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  6. Can you tell me how you attached the ribbon? Thanks, turned out beautiful and I'm going to make one for my work gift exchange this year :)