Sparkle Candles

This was such a simple, fun project. Kids could do this as a fun craft project. And who doesn't love glitter and sparkles?
I found this glitter at Michael's. It was very fine, rectangle shaped glitter. Plain candles and double sided tape. I found some of my candles at Michael's and some at the Dollar Tree.
I love this iridescent glitter. It has been great with so many projects.
You just wrap the double sided tape around the candle in any pattern you like. Sprinkle on the glitter and you are done. I made my candles on a cookie sheet to try to contain the glitter. My house is still a bit shimmery but I don't mind.
My tree has lots of bright jewel tones so I thought the bright pink and green was perfect. I just picked my wrapping paper theme for the year and let's just say - the candle matches!
Traditional and festive red and sparkle.

Happy Glittering!

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