Pinterest Favs . . . SUMMER!

Ahhhhhhh, Summer! It is finally here. In the Pacific NW we have been waiting a LONG time for this. Long days, warm nights, playing in the water, refreshing beverages and picnics in the park lounging on soft, worn quilt. All things that make Summer fabulous. We can't wait!

Happy Pinning!


Mood Board Love

So . . . I have a new favorite app. It is called Moodboard and it is amazing. You can create vision boards for any project, event, remodel - anything you are doing. It is easy to use. You can upload pictures from your iPad or get images directly from the Internet. There are lots of finishing touches that can make your board look extra special. Borders, arrows, color swatches and more.

It is a little more expensive than most apps at $9.99 but if you do lots of projects or planning of events, it is well worth it. There is a Moodboard Lite app for free. I would recommend trying out the free version first to make sure you like it. I am sure you will!

See below for a few of the Mood boards I have created so far.
This board is for my friend Alissa's condo organization project. One great thing about the app - when you cut pictures from online, the app saves the source so you can get right back to the link.
This board is for my friend Cate. She is working on the details of her escort cards and display presentation for her wedding.
The final board is what I sent our nanny to let her know what I was planning for our 4th of July theme. Different food ideas for the little people and crafts for them to do. We do different themes every couple of weeks and this is such a simple (and fun) way for me to share the ideas with her.

Happy Creating!


Patriotic BBQ Planning

We cannot wait for 4th of July. We are going to be at my parents cabin in the mountains. There will be lots of family time, relaxing, BBQ's, patriotic parades, swimming and all things red, white and blue! I am so excited. Here are a few of the things I have planned for our celebration.
 From top left - Berry Parfait, Bright Blue Poms, Berry Salad, Red and Blue Lanterns, Patriotic Straws, Tin can craft, Fruit Pops.

We will have lanterns out on the deck with tea lights. We are planning to try the tin can craft this week and those will be on the deck too.  The bright blue poms add a great pop of color. Lots of fun, festive fruits to add color coupled with good old fashioned BBQ foods. I love the fourth more and more each year. Everyone is in a great mood and it is a fabulous time to celebrate the start of summer. Can't wait!

Happy Celebrating!


Artichoke Jalapeno Dip with a Twist

This is probably the easiest recipe in the world. I don't even think I can call it a recipe. Maybe a blend. My friend Vanessa had this dip at a party years ago and my husband and I fell in love with it. We make it for all of our parties, BBQ's, everything now. And EVERYONE loves it. We even get requests to bring "that awesome dip you guys make". So are you ready for it???
Mix (stir together) equal parts Artichoke Jalapeno dip (our favorite for this "blend" is the Costco version but you can find this at any grocery store) and Non Fat Plain Greek yogurt. If we are making it for a large group of people we will use about half of each container. And then adjust accordingly for smaller groups.
We always serve it with tortilla chips and a crusty bread for dipping. Yum!

Happy Dipping!


Blog Feature - Happy Hour Moms!

The Navy Stripe's 50 Shades of Grey Book Club party is being featured on Happy Hour Mom blog! I was so excited when Toni from HHM blog contacted me and asked if I would be interested in being a part of her 50 Shades party ideas post. For one, I love the book and two, I was honored to be asked. Yay!! Check out her post by clicking here.

Happy Blogging!


50 Shades of Grey Book Club

Our 50 Shades of Grey Book Club Party was so fun. Everyone was thrilled to talk about the book. Our conversations ranged from topics like the controversy surrounding the book from critics, how many strangers we have met because we have seen them reading the book and started talking about it, to the fact that even a few of the book club husbands have decided to read the book. It was such a fun night we decided we aren't done talking about the books yet. We are heading to the Heathman Hotel in a few weeks for some evening cocktails and more chatting about all things 50 shades! Fun! 
As guests arrived they picked up their name tags and favor bags and headed in for a cocktail.
Name tags and party favor bags. Click here for the details.
 I had a good time coming up with a few fun food items in keeping with the book. And there was a Greyhound station for everyone to make their own cocktail. Click here for decor vendors.
Salted almonds for the 'salty' item. Jalapeno chips for a 'spicy' touch.
 Godiva white chocolate vanilla bean squares and vanilla wafer cookies for our sweet items. This covered how Mr. Grey describes Miss Steele - very vanilla!
The Greyhound! Yum!
By chance (admittedly planned by a few) everyone wore grey to the party. It was very fitting!

Happy Book Clubbing!

50 Shades of Grey - Book Club Party Favors & Name Tags

I am the first to admit I have never been to a book club before. When I was planning our event I thought party favors were a must. Apparently that isn't the norm but I loved the idea and the guests all enjoyed them too!
I found nail polishes with 50 Shades themed names - All Tied Up, Sexy Divide, Sugar Daddy, Sexy Story and Smokin' Hot - at Target.
I wrapped them in tissue and put them in Chevron bags I purchased at Polka Dot Market. I completed each bag with a name tag. I chose the colors best suited for each guest. Easy and fun!
I loved how they called each other Mr. Grey and Miss. Steele all throughout the book. Of course my guests all needed name tags! I bought plain labels at Target and grey and white striped washi tape at the Etsy shop Pretty Tape.
I just added a few strips of grey tape to add a little 'grey' to our name tags.


Pinterest Favs - NEON!!!

I am LOVING neon right now. Just little pops of color here and there can really spice up an outfit or room. I have a fun neon pink scarf and right now I am rocking bright pink nail polish. It is fun, fresh and makes me excited for summer! Hope a little neon can brighten your day too!

Happy Pinning!


Quick Tips - The Perfect Smoothie

Our kids are on a huge smoothie kick. And I love it. They get a ton of fruits and Greek yogurt. I am going to start adding kale and spinach too. Great start to the day! With as many smoothies as we have been making I was started to get frustrated with the frozen berries and fruit were not being blended. I talked with our nanny Bobbie and she told me how to fix it . . .
Put the liquids in the blender first! This seems so obvious but I always did it the opposite way. Now I add the juice and then the yogurt.
Then I add the frozen fruit and bananas or other fresh fruit.
Blend away! Tada! Smooth, delicious drink.

Happy Blending!


Quick Tips - Easy Pizza Cutting for Kids

Pizza! Yum! We have started a tradition of having pizza and Cesar salad at home on Friday evenings. The kids love it and so do we. Anyone with kids knows it is a pain to saw away at the pizza trying to get it in small enough pieces for the little mouths we feed. My friend Vanessa shared this tip with me and it changed my life (well, it changed my pizza cutting life! :)).
 Secret tool . . . KITCHEN SHEARS!
Step 1 - Cut off the tip of the pizza.
Step 2 - Turn the slice and make three or four small cuts about 3/4 inch long.
 Step 3 - Rotate the slice again and cut at the base of the three small cuts you just made. The bite sized pieces will fall on the plate.
Step 4 - Repeat until you have cut the entire piece. 30 seconds tops. Faster and easier than even a pizza cutter!

Happy (cutting) Eating!!


Quick Tips - iPhone Speaker Fix

This is such an easy, cool trick. Put your ipod or iphone in a bowl and it magnifies the sound. Perfect for when you are without speakers. The bowl makes it sound like you are using speakers! Love it!

Happy Grooving!