Patriotic BBQ Planning

We cannot wait for 4th of July. We are going to be at my parents cabin in the mountains. There will be lots of family time, relaxing, BBQ's, patriotic parades, swimming and all things red, white and blue! I am so excited. Here are a few of the things I have planned for our celebration.
 From top left - Berry Parfait, Bright Blue Poms, Berry Salad, Red and Blue Lanterns, Patriotic Straws, Tin can craft, Fruit Pops.

We will have lanterns out on the deck with tea lights. We are planning to try the tin can craft this week and those will be on the deck too.  The bright blue poms add a great pop of color. Lots of fun, festive fruits to add color coupled with good old fashioned BBQ foods. I love the fourth more and more each year. Everyone is in a great mood and it is a fabulous time to celebrate the start of summer. Can't wait!

Happy Celebrating!

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