All About Pinterest

I admit it. I am 100% addicted to Pinterest. And I am not ashamed! For those of you who aren't familiar with Pinterest (Pinter as I like to call it) it is an online place you can create vision boards for all different aspects of your life, plans, dreams, travel, recipes, ideas, etc.

I think there are different kinds of pinners (people who "pin" on Pinterest). There are those who just pin. And there are those who pin and then do. I am in the second category. I have created a board to list the ideas, projects and recipes I have actually tried. Pinning is fun. It sparks my creative side. And I love all of the pretty, colorful images. Very visually pleasing.

If you aren't already on Pinterest and would like and invitation, email me and I will send you one. If you are like me, you will lose a few hours of sleep late at night pinning away but you will be oh so inspired. Where else can you find a creative project to keep your toddlers busy, a recipe for dinner, great ideas for your next trip, photography tips and the new shimmery dress you must have for the holidays - all in under 3 minutes!

This will be the first of my weekly posts of my favorite or most inspiring pins of the week.

1. Gorgeous Packaging - Holidays are right around the corner. I like to step out of the box with our Christmas tree decor and wrapping paper. This pin reminds me of our packaging. Bright jewel colors. And I love putting the balls on packages as garnishes. Love it!

2. Stripes - Can you tell I love stripes? Interesting idea for a hallway.

3. Cookies - Different recipes for each day of December. You can always use a new cookie recipe. Especially when getting ready for the holiday cookie exchange rotation.

4. Quote - Simple is good.

5. Boots - I love red. And bows. Who could resist these boots???

6. Holiday Light Photos - I am always attempting to get the perfect shot of the tree. Hopefully this will be my year!

7. Baby Photography - I adore baby photos. Being a mama to boy girl twins makes this one even more fabulous to me.

Happy Pinning!

Last Minute Halloween Decor

Lately I have gotten the crafting bug. Big time. It could have something to do with my addiction to Pinterest - see my Pinterest post here. It could also have something to do with me being a newer mommy who is just starting to craft with her littles and rediscovering the fun of projects. The glitter, stickers, paint, markers, Modge Podge - oh my! Or it could be the season of holidays. Whatever the reason, it is fun and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Disclaimer - When I craft my projects don't always end up perfect. In fact they almost never do. And most times I tweak ideas I find to make it more simple and streamlined. Regardless, I always have fun with my crafts. Below are 4 easy ways to decorate a pumpkin. They are so easy you could still go out and buy a pumpkin and complete them this weekend in time for Halloween. Or tweak the project yourself and make your pumpkin less Halloween inspired and more fall themed and it can last through Thanksgiving.

One tip, I used artificial pumpkins for all of my projects. If I am going to spend time decorating them, I want to be able to use them again next year! I purchased mine at Michael's and Target. Target pumpkins were 1/2 the price of the craft store ones.

1. Polka Dot Pumpkin - Super easy. Place circle stickers all over pumpkin. Spray paint entire pumpkin black. Wait for it to dry. Peel off the stickers and voila! Inspiration

2. BOO Pumpkin - You can choose any word that suits you. Boo was cute and short! Glue black buttons on pumpkin in the shape of the letters. I used different sized buttons for a whimsical feel. Inspiration - Better Homes and Gardens Halloween issue.

3. Sparkle Pumpkin - EASY! Use a paint brush to apply a thin - cannot stress this enough - THIN layer of Modge Podge on your pumpkin. Shake desired sparkles over the painted area, shake and repeat until entire pumpkin is covered. I used iridescent glitter but you can use orange or any other color to go with a theme. TIP - I did mine over a cookie sheet with a large piece of paper on the cookie sheet. The paper caught all of the extra glitter and I was able to pour it right back in the bottle. Inspiration

4. Monogram Pumpkin - So Simple. Cut out any letter from scrapbook paper, apply Modge Podge and stick to pumpkin. Inspiration

Happy Crafting!


Hello! Welcome to my new blog - The Navy Stripe! I am so excited to begin this project. I have been thinking about starting this blog for over a year and it is finally happening. Yay! I plan to share simple tips I have learned or have had shared with me about entertaining, organization and life! We will see where this takes us.

Tenille from Cutest Blog on the Block did my blog design. She was awesome to work with, has great style and I am so pleased with the final product. Thank you! If you are interested in revamping your blog or are just entering the blogging world, check her out HERE. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks for checking out my blog and following me on this adventure. Have a great day!