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I admit it. I am 100% addicted to Pinterest. And I am not ashamed! For those of you who aren't familiar with Pinterest (Pinter as I like to call it) it is an online place you can create vision boards for all different aspects of your life, plans, dreams, travel, recipes, ideas, etc.

I think there are different kinds of pinners (people who "pin" on Pinterest). There are those who just pin. And there are those who pin and then do. I am in the second category. I have created a board to list the ideas, projects and recipes I have actually tried. Pinning is fun. It sparks my creative side. And I love all of the pretty, colorful images. Very visually pleasing.

If you aren't already on Pinterest and would like and invitation, email me and I will send you one. If you are like me, you will lose a few hours of sleep late at night pinning away but you will be oh so inspired. Where else can you find a creative project to keep your toddlers busy, a recipe for dinner, great ideas for your next trip, photography tips and the new shimmery dress you must have for the holidays - all in under 3 minutes!

This will be the first of my weekly posts of my favorite or most inspiring pins of the week.

1. Gorgeous Packaging - Holidays are right around the corner. I like to step out of the box with our Christmas tree decor and wrapping paper. This pin reminds me of our packaging. Bright jewel colors. And I love putting the balls on packages as garnishes. Love it!

2. Stripes - Can you tell I love stripes? Interesting idea for a hallway.

3. Cookies - Different recipes for each day of December. You can always use a new cookie recipe. Especially when getting ready for the holiday cookie exchange rotation.

4. Quote - Simple is good.

5. Boots - I love red. And bows. Who could resist these boots???

6. Holiday Light Photos - I am always attempting to get the perfect shot of the tree. Hopefully this will be my year!

7. Baby Photography - I adore baby photos. Being a mama to boy girl twins makes this one even more fabulous to me.

Happy Pinning!

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