Organizing Kids Clothes

We have twin two years olds. A boy and a girl. With these being our first children, one thing I didn't think much about as I was pregnant (and I thought about everything, over and over again) was how much they grow out of clothes. Each season we are buying so many new clothes because there is no way they can fit into what they wore the last time we saw the sun around here. It sounds like an obvious cycle (all kids grow) but it surprised me. By age two, I am starting to get used to it. One thing I realized right away was I didn't want those outgrown clothes cluttering the closet after they were past their prime.

See below for my tips and tricks on organizing kids clothes.

1. Everything needs to have a place. This is key in all forms of organizing. Designate bins, drawers or shelves for socks, onesies, pajamas, swim suits, hats and gloves, pants, etc.
The changing table has bins underneath that provide great extra storage. Bins hold socks for baby girl and baby boy, onesies, gloves and hats, swimwear and diapers.
2. For hanging clothes add extra rods in the closet for more storage space. We did this before the kids were born when I realized how short their clothes were. We were able to add an extra shelf and rod in their closet. Their clothes won't be adult length for a long time so take advantage of the space while you can.

3. Group like items together when hanging. For example in our kid's closet I have the following order for my little guy's stuff with each section from light to dark:
  • Long sleeve button up shirts
  • Long sleeve polo shirts
  • Short sleeve polo shirts
  • Long sleeve tee shirts
  • Short sleeve tee shirts
It makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for and it makes so simple to put away laundry. Color coding obviously isn't necessary but I highly recommend grouping together like items.

4. If you have the room to do it, group sweaters, fleeces, jackets and hooded sweatshirts away from the shirts. They are bulky and get in the way of the shirts you are reaching for every day.

5. Put all shoes in a bin. While they are small enough, take advantage of this awesome space saving tip. I have one bin for his shoes and one for hers. They fit perfectly on the shelf in the closet.

6. Make a bin specifically for clothes they haven't grown into. A lot of people gift clothes in a few sizes too big or you see a deal you can't pass up on for pajamas for next season and buy them. Store them in the grow into bin. It keeps things together so you don't forget about these items by tucking them away somewhere and forgetting about it. Plus you don't need to clog the closet with clothes they don't fit into yet. I have a grow into bin for her, him and one for shoes. We have a special friend who works at Converse and has generously given the little ones lots of cool kicks. We can't wait to grow into all of them!

7. Do a once a month (or whatever length of time works for you) review of the closet. The more regularly you do it, the quicker it goes. It usually takes me less than 5 minutes each time.
  • Move the items that don't fit any longer to either the give away bin, the store for possible baby down the road bin or the keepsake bin if you have one.
  • Check the grow into bin and see if there is anything they have grown into you can add to the closet.
  • Do a quick review to see if anything needs to put away, refolded or resorted.
Hope these tricks and tips help a little bit in the chaos that can be your child's closet.

Happy Organizing!


Easter Bark

I love easy recipes. Recipes that I almost cannot call a recipe because they have so few ingredients. Yes. Those are the ones I love! I thought this bark was adorable and festive. So easy to make. The kids think it is neat because of the bright colors and if you made a double batch you could break it into pieces, put it in a pretty glass bowl and have it on the table as a focal point for your Easter party.

I used these jelly beans. If I make it again I will use smaller, more vibrant colored jelly beans.
Click here for the recipe from Nestle. 


Quick Organizing Projects Rundown

Lately my organization motto has been the smaller, quicker the projects, the better. The last month has been wild at our house with multiple cases of the flu, head colds, a pulled tooth, birthdays, trips and teething. We (I most of all) are hoping for a fresh, healthy start in April. Hoping the Spring weather will finally hit us and bring healthier times for all.

Amidst all of the craziness all of the projects I have undertaken lately have been small but definitely worth it.

Quick project run down to hopefully spark some ideas for you:
  • Reorganized the medicine bin. I have a small bin filled with different medicines for cold, flu, cough, aspirin, Tylenol, etc. As the year goes on things get added, removed, moved around. I pulled everything out and disposed of expired items and put everything back in a neat orderly form. Took less than 10 minutes.
  • Organized cookie cutters. My cookie cutters were bursting out of their container at the seams. It was difficult to find the ones I was looking for and it was a pain to put them away. I pulled them all out (wow - there were more in there than I thought!) and grouped them by holiday and season. Different like groups were put into similar bins and stacked in an easy to reach place.
  • Grouped all discount cards on a ring. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was so clever. I pulled all of my club and member cards out of my wallet and coupon holder and hole punched them in the top corner (make sure not to punch through a magnetic strip or number) and put them on a small metal ring. Now it is in my car organizer ready to be used whenever we are out and about. There is so much more space in my wallet. I love it! Took 10 minutes.

My list of organizing projects is LONG and it is always changing and being updated. Checking small projects off the list helps just as much as the big ones. What small (or big) organizing projects have you tackled lately?

Happy Organizing!


Throwing a Bridal Shower . . . in Cabo!

My friend Jenni and I are throwing a lingerie shower for our dear friend Stacy. The catch? It is in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I have thrown and attended many showers at home but I have never put one together from afar. It is a new experience! It will be absolutely wonderful to be in Cabo celebrating her wedding weekend. We just need to get all of the details in order before we head south for the celebrating to begin!

Her wedding colors are hot pink and gray. We stuck with the hot pink and added a vibrant orange to the palette for the shower. With the backdrop looking a little something like this . . .
We won't need too much in the way of decor!

 Plan - hot pink, vibrant orange, various graphic patterns and margaritas. Sounds fun! The location of the shower will be at a beautiful Cabo resort on the terrace. One long table for the 18 guests. The time is happy hour. We will serve chips, salsa, delicious guacamole and fabulous margaritas! Bold punches of color in the table decor, gifts and good company and we are sure our bride to be will enjoy herself!

See below for the inspiration board thus far.
 Sources - pillow 1 & pillow 2, table scape, fabric swatch, table scape 2, bright candy, polka dot straws, margarita, bracelet, orange striped straws.

I will keep you all posted as the planning continues!

Happy Hosting!


Pinter Favs - Jump into Spring!

Lately Pinterest has been flooded with pins filled with loads of color and hints of all things Spring. We are so excited for the warmer weather, longer days and time spent outside playing. Looking at my Pinterest feed just brightens my mood these past few weeks. But then it happened. We got snow late this week. Unheard of here in the NW. We are ready for tulips and bunnies and all things with a new beginning. Today it is warm and sunny with blue skies. I hope the springy spirit of these Pinter Favs will help bring Spring in to stay. We are ready!

Row by row from left to right.
  •  Egg cake pops - I have been wanting to make cake pops for a long time. This seems like the perfect opportunity with Easter coming up. And if my outer frosting layer isn't perfect - it won't matter because of the sprinkle coating! Making these this week for Easter prep!
  • Leaf Earrings - these are dainty and simple. Perfect.
  • Books - Love the color. And I love a good notebook. Moleskins are my favorite right now. And Target sells them now. Two favs in one place!
  • Yogurt Bites - So simple, tasty and fun! My daughter has renamed them Bubble Bites. We make them with Greek yogurt and she eats them like candy. Delicious. They will be perfect for Summer.
  • Washi Tape - This tape is fascinating. Or I should say what people do with this tape is so creative. I just bought some and can't wait to try it. Maybe on some Easter gifts??
  • Easter bark - How cute and colorful. We are making this tonight. I will let you all know how it turns out.
  • Tulips - I adore tulips. One of my favorite flowers. Clean and crisp. Always reminds me of Spring. The second bunch is packaged so nicely with the brown paper and black bow. Very classy. This one is from a new blog I found - Camille Styles. I love her taste, desire for color and her site is gorgeous. Check it out.

Happy Pinning!