Pinter Favs - Jump into Spring!

Lately Pinterest has been flooded with pins filled with loads of color and hints of all things Spring. We are so excited for the warmer weather, longer days and time spent outside playing. Looking at my Pinterest feed just brightens my mood these past few weeks. But then it happened. We got snow late this week. Unheard of here in the NW. We are ready for tulips and bunnies and all things with a new beginning. Today it is warm and sunny with blue skies. I hope the springy spirit of these Pinter Favs will help bring Spring in to stay. We are ready!

Row by row from left to right.
  •  Egg cake pops - I have been wanting to make cake pops for a long time. This seems like the perfect opportunity with Easter coming up. And if my outer frosting layer isn't perfect - it won't matter because of the sprinkle coating! Making these this week for Easter prep!
  • Leaf Earrings - these are dainty and simple. Perfect.
  • Books - Love the color. And I love a good notebook. Moleskins are my favorite right now. And Target sells them now. Two favs in one place!
  • Yogurt Bites - So simple, tasty and fun! My daughter has renamed them Bubble Bites. We make them with Greek yogurt and she eats them like candy. Delicious. They will be perfect for Summer.
  • Washi Tape - This tape is fascinating. Or I should say what people do with this tape is so creative. I just bought some and can't wait to try it. Maybe on some Easter gifts??
  • Easter bark - How cute and colorful. We are making this tonight. I will let you all know how it turns out.
  • Tulips - I adore tulips. One of my favorite flowers. Clean and crisp. Always reminds me of Spring. The second bunch is packaged so nicely with the brown paper and black bow. Very classy. This one is from a new blog I found - Camille Styles. I love her taste, desire for color and her site is gorgeous. Check it out.

Happy Pinning! 

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