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Pinterest is blowing up. Each day there are more and more people talking about it at work, I login to my account and have more followers (some friends and others strangers) and my husband forwards me articles daily from his tech blogs talking all about Pinterest. I think there is a mass appeal with Pinterest. People are enjoying/using Pinterest for different reasons. Some love the beauty and visual appeal, some use it as a way to plan a major event in their life, others are inspired to try new recipes, fashion ideas, projects and even others love Pinterest for the overall great ideas.

I say I am a pinner and a doer. I feel I can justify my addiction to my nightly pinning habit because I do try so many of the things I see on Pinterest. I am inspired by things I see. I take projects and craft ideas and tweak them to fit my toddler's abilities. I love that I can create a board for a special event or project and save all of my ideas in one clean, pretty place. And I love that I can comment on friend's pins and communicate with them in a new way. There are some pinners I have never met or talked to but I feel like I kind of know them because we follow each other and I am used to their pins. 

For me it is a fun, collaborative place that inspires me in many aspects of my life. I truly enjoy it. If you have still not taken the Pinterest plunge, leave a comment and I will send you an invite. You can take a peek for yourself and see what you think.

And now, on to my latest favorites . . . 
From left to right (row by row)
  • Love the rainbow of colors. Makes me think of sherbert. Yum.
  • Barre 3. This is my new found love (other than Pinterest, and my hubs and kids). Amazing, energizing, strengthening workout that I can do from the comfort of home. My friend Jenni introduced me to it and I cannot say enough good things about it. Try it and see. You won't be disappointed!
  • Gorgeous flowers. Simple, chic and pretty.
  • Love day cupcakes. We had such a wonderful Valentine's Day. These cupcakes are cute and look easy to make. Maybe next year?
  • Great quote.
  • Packaging. What is not to love? Color organized, simple, packaging supplies. All of possibilities . . .
  • Simple Love Quote. Says it perfectly.
  • Polka Dot Straws! These are adorable! Can't wait to use them at my next party or just around the house. LOVE them.
Happy Pinning!

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