Quick Organizing Tips

Here are two quick, simple organizing tips. I implemented both at my house last weekend and can honestly say I am loving both changes! Try either or both of these ideas and let me know what you think. I saw both tips on Pinterest (where else?).

We try to recycle but it seems the recycling builds up next to the sink - cans and flattened cardboard packaging that needs to be taken out to the garage to the big recycle bin. The constant pile (and when I say constant, it was taken out multiple times per day but still) was driving me crazy! We removed everything from under the sink other than the dish soap, garbage can, fire extinguisher and we added another can designated for recycling. I love having it there. It is so easy to use and I find I am actually recycling more than I was before because of how convenient it is. Once the bin is full, we take the whole thing to the garage and empty it. Loving it!

Once we removed everything the sink, I quickly needed a new place for our cleaning supplies. I had seen this on Pinter and ran to Target and bought this over the door shoe rack. They had three different kinds but the other two were fabric. This one is plastic and I figured it would be easy to wipe down if anything spilled on it.

I was a little nervous about two things - 1. Would the bottles fit? and 2. Would my little ones be able to reach the supplies? All of the bottles, even the thicker ones, fit perfectly. And my little ones cannot reach up to where the bottles start so it is perfect. I didn't have enough bottles for the whole thing so I added our rubber gloves, extra sponges, magic eraser, etc. I put ours on the back of the door in our laundry room. It is right off of the kitchen and a perfect location.

In the last week I have found it is so much easier to grab one of the cleaners from this organizer than it ever was before under the sink digging around looking for items. I am thrilled!

Leave a comment with a simple, organizing tip you have implemented. I am always looking for new ideas!

Happy Organizing!

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  1. Thanks so much for the organizing tips! It always feels so refreshing to complete projects like these. I will be looking forward to more tips in the future. Thanks again!