Quick Tips - Easy Pizza Cutting for Kids

Pizza! Yum! We have started a tradition of having pizza and Cesar salad at home on Friday evenings. The kids love it and so do we. Anyone with kids knows it is a pain to saw away at the pizza trying to get it in small enough pieces for the little mouths we feed. My friend Vanessa shared this tip with me and it changed my life (well, it changed my pizza cutting life! :)).
 Secret tool . . . KITCHEN SHEARS!
Step 1 - Cut off the tip of the pizza.
Step 2 - Turn the slice and make three or four small cuts about 3/4 inch long.
 Step 3 - Rotate the slice again and cut at the base of the three small cuts you just made. The bite sized pieces will fall on the plate.
Step 4 - Repeat until you have cut the entire piece. 30 seconds tops. Faster and easier than even a pizza cutter!

Happy (cutting) Eating!!

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