Christmas Decor Organization

If you are anything like me, when it comes time to put out your Christmas decor you are so excited to get it up, nothing can get in your way. And when it is time to put it away at the end of the season, you just want the project over and everything back in its place. For the last few years I have been unhappy with our decor storage and I knew there were some items in our collection that weren't being used any longer but I hadn't set aside the time to come up with a solution.

Today was the day I decided to fix the problem. I started by heading to the Container Store - an amazing store if you haven't been. I could spend hours there. Easily. I bought two of their ornament storage boxes and headed home to start my project. I pulled out all of our Christmas bins (red and green to keep with the feel of the season) and started going through each box. I put the ornament bins aside until the end.

First step - I emptied each bin and made two piles, one for items we would keep and one for items we haven't used in the past few years. Next step, I listed the items to keep in each bin on a master decor organizer list. Click here for the template I used. This is a great website. There are tons of free templates, lists, planners and more, all to help you stay organized during the bustling holiday season. After I completed the list, I numbered the bin according to the list and packed the box.

Next Step - I emptied all of the ornament boxes and put all of our ornaments in the new bins I purchased. I was able to get rid of so many little Hallmark boxes and other containers the ornaments had been stored in. It freed up a ton of room.

Final step - We packed up the decor items our family was done using and dropped them off at the Salvation Army. Project complete!

Now we are all set for decorating when the time comes. And in my house, the time comes sooner than later! I love having the decorations up right around Thanksgiving. Now we have lists of what goes in each bin and everything is neat and tidy. It will be easy to put the decor up and even easier to put it away. Yay!

See below for details of the decor organization makeover.

Pictures from top left.
1. New bins from Container Store.

2. AHHHH! My guest room mid project.

3. My Woof Poof. I included a picture of him just because I am starting to feel the holiday **spirit **!

4. Decor Storage Inventory List

5. Bins - Project completed, bins stacked and labeled!

6. Ornaments going in the new bins.

Happy Organizing!

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  1. I can't wait to start operation "organize christmas" What a fabulous idea! thank you!