No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

I did it! Or I should say, we did it! My mom and I made this no sew ruffle tree skirt I had been eyeing while we were visiting them for the Thanksgiving holiday. I saw a version on Better Home and Gardens and also an adorable one on Pinterest. I knew I had to make one for our family. Once we got the hang of the gluing, it was a pretty simple project. Time consuming but simple. And it was definitely easier having two people work on it. I am so excited about my new tree skirt!
My mom is a fabulous quilter and has lots of fun, useful sewing tools. We used her rotary cutter, cutting board and quilting ruler. Using her rotary cutter and quilting ruler made the cutting so much quicker and more precise. If you don't have them, scissors will work just fine.
We used a light weight twill for the base because it came in a wider width at 57 inches. We wanted our skirt to be 54 inches by 54 inches. We folded it in to a square.
And then in to a triangle. We had to cut the edge off to make it even.
Once it is an even triangle we cut off the top point to make the circle for the tree trunk. And then we rounded the bottom of the triangle. To make sure the bottom was even we measured from the top of the fabric to three different points and connected the line between to make sure each was equal distance from the top of the fabric. 
 We used this cute quilters Cotton for the ruffle. I love this snowflake print. We got 3.5 yards of this fabric.
We cut the selvedge off of the ruffle fabric to make sure the edges were clean.
We then cut our strips the length of the fabric. Each strip ended up being 3.5 yards long.
Two hands make this project much quicker and more it is fun having a buddy! I was the glue gal and my mom was the ruffle pincher. We made a pretty good team.
Ruffle one complete.
Getting closer.
Almost done.
Once we were done with all of the ruffles we glued grosgrain ribbon in three places on the under side of the skirt to make bows on the seam of the skirt.
Ta Da!
Right when we got home the skirt went under the tree. I am so happy with the finished product.

Happy NO Sewing!

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