Christmas Ball Wreath

I have been wanting to make one of these wreaths for three years. Every year at Christmas I eye them in the store and always think how much fun it would be to make one. I had seen versions of this project many times using a coat hanger and ornaments. I thought it would be easier to glue the ornaments to a wreath. I love the way it turned out and it was a very simple project. Only took an hour and half total!
I bought my balls at Michael's. Disclaimer - this was not a "frugal" project. I saw a wreath just like the one I made at Target for $19.99. All of my supplies cost $48 (with my Michael's coupons of course). This would be a great plan ahead project. Buy your balls at the after Christmas sales and have them ready to make next year. This year the fun outweighed the frugal for me.
Remove the ornament toppers from all balls.
I bought all the same size balls (small, not tiny) but you could do a mix of any size. And I picked a mix of matte, glossy and sparkly ornaments.
This rounded foam wreath is the one to get. It is very dense. I first bought one of the white foam wreaths and it was too porous and the glue wouldn't hold the ornaments. This one was perfect. They have them in lots of sizes.
Get gluing!

 Put a line of glue, I used my hot glue gun, around the edge of the end of the ornament and stick it to the wreath. Hold for a few seconds. I started in a random pattern and then began to fill in holes and gaps as it got more full.
As your wreath gets more full you will start to glue ornaments to ornaments. There is no wrong way, just glue and place balls until it is as full as you desire.

Happy Crafting!

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