Birthday and Anniversary Organizer

I saw this fabulous idea on Pinterest and just knew I had to make one myself. (See inspiration here.) I bought a basic model Rolodex and used the divider cards as patterns for my dividers. I used scrap book paper in multiple colors, sparkle letter stickers and fun party stickers to add some flair. I made a divider for each month and one card for the front. For the event cards I bought a package of blank Rolodex cards.

I started my Rolodex by adding a card for each birth date or anniversary of people special to me and my family. Some events shared the same date. I listed them both on one card with the date in the top corner of the card - just month and date. Next to the person's name I put the year. This way I can add as many events as I need to on each card. As I need to add new birth dates and anniversaries I can add a card if there isn't an event already added with the same date.

It was a simple, quick project that I hope will help me stay on top of important dates.

Happy crafting!

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