Weekly Pinterest Favorites

Check out my favorite pins of the week!

1. Birthday Rolodex - I LOVE this idea. Perfect way to organize birthdays, add to it each year and you can make it pretty to look at while it sits on your desk. It would also be a great gift for someone. You could fill in family birth dates for the person to get them started. I am going to make mine with anniversaries also. And with all of the friends who are pregnant or getting pregnant, I will be adding lots of new BIRTH days too! Yay!

2. Vintage Holiday Dress - I am a sucker for little girls dressed up in classic holiday attire. My mom started the tradition of buying my little ones their holiday outfits each year. Think lots of plaid, vests on him, smocked dresses on her. Oh, the holidays. We cannot wait for you to arrive so we can get in those outfits!

3. Shimmer Shimmer - Doesn't this make you want to celebrate? Or craft? Or just smile? The colors are amazing. I do love color. And anything glittering and sparkling draws me in. I have a new board dedicated purely to the shimmer. It is pretty fun. Click here to see the sparkle that inspires me.

4. Button Ornament - This looks fun and easy and the finished product is adorable. Can't wait to try it.

5. Always.

6. Up do - Very classy. I really like twist coming down across the back. Elegant.

7. Peonies - Always a favorite. Clean and pretty.

8. Holiday Potpourri - I can almost smell this just looking at it. I am getting so excited for all things holiday!

Happy Pinning!

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