Reindeer Kisses

I made Elf Kisses in early December. You can see the recipe here. They were tasty but didn't end up looking exactly as I hoped. This recipe was the perfect solution to my issues with the way the Elf kisses looked. Reindeer Kisses. Another simple and delicious treat!

Square pretzels - they look like a small grid
*M&M's - I used the mint holiday version.
* The mint M&M's were perfect for two reasons - neither of which I knew when I purchased. It was pure luck! These M&M's are a little fuller, not as full as peanut one but bigger than a regular. The size was perfect. And the hint of mint really made the treat.
- Preheat oven to 275 degrees.
- Unwrap all Rolos and place on pretzels on a cookie sheet
- put in oven on the top rack for 3 minutes
- remove from oven
- place an M&M on each Rolo and push down slightly. The M&M fits perfectly on the top of the Rolo
- place entire cookie sheet in the fridge to cool down.
- Enjoy!

I am going to make these for Valentine's Day with red, white and pink candy. Versatile, simple treat!

Happy Baking!

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