Organizing Kids Seasonal Crafts

I keep the majority of our craft supplies in an upstairs closet, but I keep a few things downstairs easy to access for spur of the moment crafts. We like to do lots of projects and having these supplies within reach makes it so simple to start a project. And because the items are right there, you don't feel like it is an undertaking getting everything out.

I like to change out the supplies each season or holiday. See below for details on the items I have out for Christmas. Once you get a few containers and a designated area for your spur of the moment crafts, it is easy to switch the items out each season. I move the old items up to the craft closet and store them for next year.

If I have a specific project in mind I know we will be doing this season I will make sure to include those items. For example my little people love sparkle bottles and we will be making Christmas themed ones so I have the shimmer glitter and marbles in with the supplies. And who knows, maybe we will find other uses for those items too!
My seasonal craft supplies for the kids take up small areas of two shelves. I bought the plastic paint can storage bins at Michael's and the brown bin at Target. The brown bin also stores my kids busy bags. They are easy to grab and throw in my purse as we are heading out the door to an appointment, dinner, etc. Easy accessibility is key! It helps you use your items more and simplifies your life. Win win!
 I begin collecting items as I see them on sale or in the stores throughout the year. By the time we get to the holiday or season I usually already have quite a collection. These are the items I have for this years Christmas season: foam wreath kits, stickers, foam stockings and trees, festive colored sparkle pom pom balls (huge hit!) stickers, sparkle glue, little plastic Christmas lights, red and green plastic jewels and sparkle ornaments.
I collect lots of mini storage containers from places like the Container Store and Target and I always get rid of the packaging for things like the jingle bells, pom poms, etc. They store so much nicer and take up less room than attempting to save the plastic bags they come in. Plus you can reuse the containers for new supplies down the road. Bonus - your items do not pour out of the package and make a mess!
I buy stickers whenever I see them on sale. And I keep them with like stickers by attaching them together with a binder clip. When it comes time for the season, I just pull out the specific seasons clipped bunch and we are set. My kids love stickers so I always have lots on hand. They can use stickers with so many projects.
Simple organization that enables lots of quick, fun Christmas crafting!

Happy Organizing!

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