Pinterest Favorites - New Years Eve Style

Happy New Years Eve! This last Pinterest favorites post is in honor of the fabulous way we end each year. Celebrations, time with friends and loved ones and of course a little shimmer. See below for details on these NYE inspired pins.

- Earrings - I am loving this style of earring right now. Bigger than a stud but not a hoop or a dangle. But it still packs a lot of punch. And gold is so warm for the holidays. Perfect!
- 2012 - This is a great, festive idea. Wrap tinsel around cardboard numbers (or letters for another holiday).
- Cell Phone Case - This shimmery case is perfect for a night out on the town celebrating the new year. Plus it won't get lost among the rest of the phones - this one sparkles all on its own.
- Sparklers - I don't think you can see a sparkler and not think celebration. They are a staple on the 4th of July, more and more people are using them at their weddings and now NYE - what a perfect way to light up the night!
- Champagne Bubbles and Dancing on the Table - A traditional NYE isn't complete without a little bubbly. And sometimes the bubbles can lead you to do things you wouldn't normally do. Like dancing on the tables. Let loose and have fun!
- A Festive Toast or two - Whether your night involves living it up on the town or movies at home snuggled up on the couch, a toast to reminisce the special moments of 2011 or one to dream and wish about 2012 is always in order.
- The Dress - If you are ringing in 2012 out on the town, a fabulous dress is always a must. And this sparkly number is a hit!
- The Shoes - Need I say anything about these shoes? FABULOUS!

Hope this inspired your night!

Happy Celebrating!

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