Tension Rod Ribbon Storage

I love ribbon. Grosgrain, satin, wire, patterned - you name it, I probably have some of it. It adds a cute touch to a package or even a little note with a bow at the top. My problem has always been how to store it. I have tried lots of ways to store them and nothing seems to be the perfect solution. Until now . . . enter the tension rod!
Here is what I started with. Lots of ribbon on small spools.

What you need:
  • 1 tension rod - I found mine at big chain home improvement store in the curtain section. Mine was very small in diameter adjustable for length.
  • small drill - in case some of your spools don't have a pre-cut hole in the center
  • small push pins - to pin your ribbon so you don't have hanging pieces
I have a small space below the lowest shelf in my den and the rod fit perfectly underneath.
I organized mine by color. I love the way it looks, it is neat and tidy and very functional!

Happy Organizing!

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  1. I did sort of the same thing. I have a plastic shelf where I put three dowel rods between the shorter sides. Three rods holding my ribbon! I love my ribbon!