Pinterest Favs - Cape Cod Dreaming

I would love to visit Cape Cod. I envision sunny days playing in the water and evenings by a fire pit after a clam bake. Mind you, I don't love sea food but I do love all things nautical and the party decor for a clam bake would make me all kinds of happy!
Sources - Recipe for a perfect trip to Cape Cod - Brilliant blue waters and casual boat rides, Great advice for meeting new friends, Beautiful lemon display for an afternoon party by the shore, Lazy summer days on sandy beaches, Cool watermelon cooloers in adorably quaint mason jars, the perfect crisp, preppy flowers, A little piece of mind.

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  1. Awesome post Kelly! I also would love to visit Cape Cod, that's why I have been looking at Cape Cod vacation rentals all month haha. Thank you for sharing this with us, it got me really excited!