Bacherlorette Party Wine Tasting Survival Bags

My friend Catie's bachelorette party wish was a day wine tasting in the valley with her friends and family. The details were planned. Lunch spot - check. Stretch Hummer Limo - check. Winery, private wine tour at a wine makers studio and a tasting - check. Great friends and family - check. The last thing we needed were survival bags or goody bags for the day of.
I found the reusable wine totes online at amazon.com. Perfect size bag to hold our goodies and double duty use for the bottles of wine everyone purchased along our trip.
I have just dipped my toe in the waters of free fun fonts. I used fonts I found HERE to create the tags. For those of you who haven't explored this awesome way to create great signage - get to it. It is easy and fun, not to mention how much more spice it add to your projects!
This was the must have item I wanted in the bags. Small, cute pink cans of champagne. Perfect! Finding them was not so easy. Most of the places I tried said they usually carry them but they were sold out. Whole Foods, Cost Plus World Market and Target were all a bust. I was about to order them directly from the Coppola winery when I found them at a local specialty grocery store. 4 cans per box for $16.
The Goods:
- mini can of champagne
- bottle of water
- sunscreen (it was mid August and really hot when we went)
- Granola bar
- almonds
- breath savers
- a funky straw for the champagne
- I HAVE A HEADACHE medicine for the next morning (found at Target)
Favor bags like these are great for lots of reasons. Everyone enjoys getting a small gift, especially when it is a surprise. This stuff is all small but useful items for a day trip. And you can add hints of color to your event with the bags. Pick tissue and or tags that coordinate with the theme of the day or even the wedding colors. Have fun with it and your guests will definitely appreciate it!

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