Berry Wash - Making Berries Last Longer

We love berries. Love them. One of the best parts of summer! And this year the kids have started going berry picking which adds to the fun. When they are fresh and in season, we have them at our house. I did some research on ways to help the berries stay or last longer without freezing them. This seemed like the easiest and quickest option. And it worked! Bonus!

All you need:
A Place to wash them
I cleaned the small part of our sink really well. Then filled it with 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water and put the berries in the water. I was concerned it would change the taste of the berries but it was so diluted, it didn't change the taste at all. I kept them in the water for less than 5 minutes, removed them and put them in a bowl in the fridge. They lasted for well over a week and kept up their shape. Definitely worth the little extra effort!

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