Pencil Project - Cabo Bridal Shower

I was looking for mini pink pencils for a game we are going to play at the bridal shower in Cabo. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I decided to make them. The shower colors are pink, orange and gray. We stuck with pink and grey for the pencils.
Supplies - Purchased at Michael's - Pink spray paint, floral foam, gray paint. Purchased at Office Max - Golf pencils. Purchased at Polka Dot Market - hot pink washi tape.
We (my husband helped on this project) poked the pencils into the foam just to the point where the exposed wood was completely covered.
We spray painted them, turning them and recoating until they were completely recovered.

Once they were completely covered we tipped them upside down to dry.
We waited one hour and then my husband hung them suspended by an opened coat hanger stretched out over a card board box.
We put the gray paint in a soda cap and I gently covered each pencil tip in the gray paint. We let them hang suspended over night to dry.
The next morning they were ready to go! I used a pencil sharpener to make sure the edges were completely pink.
I added a small pink washi flag to each pencil.
The pencils are secured with one glue dot at the top of each card. The game will be at each person's place setting.

Happy Crafting!

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