Bridal Emergency Kit

I love being the person responsible for the Bridal Day Emergency Kit. I have so much fun finding all of the items and putting it together. I just made a new kit for my friend's wedding in Cabo. I thought I would share with you what I included in my kit. And this kit could be used for other big events as well - proms, galas, parties, black tie events, etc. It is just extra fun when it is called a BRIDAL day ER kit!
Items included:
Scope mouthwash
dental floss
Cotton pads, Cotton balls and Cotton QTips
makeup application pads
makeup remover and make up remover pads
baby oil
hand sanitizer
hand cream and foot cream
nail polish remover
clear nail polish
emery boards
scotch tape and double sided tape
sewing kit
Shout It Out stain remover pen
Aleve, Tylenol, Aspirin
first aid kid
safety pins
hand soap
wet ones wipes
lint roller
eye drops
contact cleaner

We used so many of the items at the wedding last weekend. The sewing kit repaired a bridesmaid dress, the scissors cut a few loose strings on the wedding dress, visine was used to take the redness out of a bug bite, the wet ones were used to remove deodorant from a dress and the safety pins held up a hem. Always better to be over prepared! Leave a comment if there is anything I forgot and I will add it to my kit next time!


  1. I am surprised no one has asked where did you get the bag from? BTW I love love it!

  2. Moraima - The bag is from Target. I always pick up clear plastic pouches when I see them. They are great for so many things!

  3. bounce fabric sheets fot static cling