Quick Organizing Tips

I have been sick this past week. I am so ready for a new month and a healthy start! I didn't take on many organizational projects this week feeling like I did. This was the one project I completed.

Ever since the big pantry redo (you can read about it here) all of our crackers, pastas, dried fruits, cereals, nuts, etc. are transferred from their original packaging to plastic organized storage containers in our pantry right when the items come home. We all love this system. It is so easy to find things and see how much we have left at any given time. The one issue we have is the overflow or extras that don't fit in the storage container. There aren't many of them but there are a few. Plus other misc. items like extra apple juice or applesauce. We have been storing these "extras" in our smaller pantry on the top shelf. The shelf was unorganized and beginning to drive me crazy.

I always have an extra set of these Ikea organizers on hand. They are intended to be used as clothing drawer organizers but I have used them for art supply storage, toy separators and drawer organizers. They are great and so inexpensive.

I like items being grouped together and contained in one area. These containers are perfect for what I needed. Now we have a designated space for the extras and it looks clean and neat. Plus it is easier to see what we have on hand. Took less than 5 minutes total.
I like to have extras of things we go through a lot - raisins, craisins, apple sauce, snacks, etc.
They fit next to the blender on the top shelf perfectly.

Happy Organizing!

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